Monday, September 6, 2010

Back home from India...

This is a tri-fold card to Cheryl & Kumar. They made lunch for Ava, Jim and me. We had Lasagna made with lamb, a salad and desert. We had a great visit. Cheryl is a nurse and noticed I had a hard time breathing and a nasty cough, so she suggested I go to the clinic she works, to see the doctor. As soon as we left, they took me to the clinic to see the doctor. He told me I had an upper respiratory infection and prescribed several medications, which I picked up right there at the clinic. That was the last week of my vacation, but the medications kept me going.

6x6 Thank You card for the Kotez'. Ava, Jim, Caleb and I visited Cathleen & Morne' Kotez' and their 2 children. They are from South Africa. Cathleen and Morne' made dinner for us, of Lasagna, salad and desert. We had a nice visit with them, but Ava and I had shopped all day and I was pooped, so didn't join the conversation much.

Ava's friend, Christine, has 5 children of her own and runs a foster home for girls. I got to meet her, 3 of her children, the doggie, and all the girls in her care. Her children and the girls in her care were mannerly, beautiful children and very happy. This is her Thank You card for letting me visit with the children and giving me a tour of how they lived. Her husband was away at the time I visited so, I didn't get to meet him.

Ava's housekeeper, Premila, is one of the sweetest persons I know, and also the best Chai maker in all of India. I would like to have hid her in my suitcase and brought her back with me. I will never forget her. I picked pink for her Thank You card because my favorite Salwar she wore was pink, she looked so pretty in it.

My Thank you card for my sister is a Z-fold card. She took me everywhere, shopping, visiting, to Mysore to the Palace and to the Taj Mahal. Taught me to bargain with India-n's and was the best tour guide ever. Since being there 9 years she has learned a lot about the culture and living in India.

I have returned from India. My "Vacation of a Life Time" was very interesting and super fun. My sister, Ava, was the best "tour guide" ever. My brother-in-law, Jim, was the sweetest and let Ava and me have some quality time together. He also made me square eggs for breakfast most every morning. The other mornings he made pancakes or French toast, (what a good brother-in-law). But, I enjoyed having him with us when he could come on a visiting or shopping trip. My day out with my nephew, Caleb, was one of the high-lights of my trip. He is an awesome nephew and a really good guy. I have designed thank you cards for Jim and Caleb, that I hope will let them know how much I appreciated them in making my vacation memories good ones. The gray and black 3x3 card is Jim's card and the brown & vanilla cream 3x3 card is for Caleb.