Saturday, November 17, 2012

6x6 Merry Christmas Scrapbook

                                            This Christmas Scrapbook is 4-Sale.  It will be
                                            at the Sooner Scrapbook Craft Show and 2nd
                                            Anniversary held on the 8th day of December. I
                                          an also taking orders for 6x6 brag, Christmas, pet
                                          or school scrapbooks.

6x6 Daddy's Brag Book

 I scrapped this Brag Book for my nephew, Colby.  He is such the daddy and loves his baby daughter, Abigail Grace Dixon (Abby). Some pages I had photos and others I will have to have him bring some to put in the book.  If you know Colby, do not tell him it's a surprise.

                                           Grandma's & Great Grandma's with Abby